ForeRunners  School


 Eight days of Training ~ 60 Hrs

You Can Quantum Leap
Into your Future in Christ


Training for Reigning


      God has given this ministry, a mandate by God to see the Body of Christ mature in the attributes of Christ. Our heart is to see believers become equipped to make a difference in their call. As their character is transformed by the Spirit of God, so that others may desire to follow them as they follow Christ in His attributes. This is the Call and the Character the Lord wants for all, is to be Anointed for His service.

     The Nine Fruits of the Spirit and the Nine Gifts of the Spirit are for the edifying of the Body of Christ. So we may all come into the fullness of Him. Thus you will be prepared, as you listen to Him to come together in Unity of the Spirit, and to be prepared to help for the ingathering of the Harvest.  


What is the ForeRunner School of the Ministry?

This is an intensive time of training from Gods Word. This school will train you for preparation, for the Days of Harvest. This time of teaching is Holy Spirit led ministry that will change your thinking and your life.

Who Should Come?

All who desire a change in your life, which are hungry & thirsty for a move of God in their lives? It will launch you into Global thinking in your ministry. This class will prepare you to be a Harvester, and bring you into a much deeper walk with our Lord with Life-Changing results. 

Topics include:

Covenant Vows


Hearing Godís Voice

Prayer and Intercession


Study of Holy Spirit And Gifts of the Holy Spirit

How to flow in the Five-fold         Ministry

Spiritual Warfare


Breaking Generational Curses

Breaking Soul Ties

Redeeming Land

How To Take The Gates Of A City

Taking You Priestly Position

Recovering Your Birthright

Banners & Flags For Worship and Their Meanings With Colors

Church Responsibilities

Ministerial Ethics

Characteristics of Leadership and the Challenge of Leadership


Please Call for further details when the Schools will be run.

Pastor Gail 519-877-2910




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