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Blessing are flowing down in Nigeria

of the  


is continuing in

Edor, Cross River State

Feb 17 -- Mar 17, 2009

Gail A. Garrett  &  Della L. Tyrrell will be going to

Edor, Cross River State Nigeria to complete the School.

This will be an intense time of training by the HOLY SPIRIT



Macedonian Call for Cross River State, Nigeria

 A THREE FOLD CORD is not easily broken. A team of three handmaidens have been chosen of the Lord to take up the call and go to Calabar in the State of Cross River, Nigeria. What a great opportunity to go into a country where the hearts of men and women want the truth. We are taking in a large medical need and provisions for the children in this area. The needs are great through-out the world, but when the call comes in and we are asked to come, we had to make plans. The three of us Evelyn Johnson, Marylu Verboom and myself Pastor Gail Garrett will be leaving on the 22nd of November and coming home December 5, 2008. Yes this is coming up so quickly and we are asking those who hear from the Lord Jesus to help provide the cost for us to go.

    Yes, this is an ongoing mission that will continue next year in February for 5 weeks to re-align their Bible School with the ForeRunners School of the Ministry, which was original written for Africa, how wonderful is this! We will also be involved in a crusade on

Nov. 27th-29th, 08.

      So we are asking you to please help fulfill the mission that the Lord has set before us. We are needing our immunizations, visa papers, more official photo's, extra funds to take the extra medical supplies, extra's things to be given to the children.  We have additional transportation when we get there, extra taxes there. We will need a dedicated group of intercessors to hold us up in prayer, now, during and most important when we return.  Maybe there are those that are willing to set aside meals to fast for us, as this is a mission trip like no other that I have been on before. Please take this to your heart in prayer.

     This will be my (Gail ) sixth trip to Africa and Evelyn and Marylu's first African trip but they have done missions before, I feel I am privileged that they are able and willing to come. We each have our strengths and we do flow together in harmony. I feel we have so much to impart to each other and this will be a good team for the Glory of God.  Bishop Noah has a team praying and saw in the Spirit that...

Noah saw us coming and equipped and fully prepared to pour into their city. He sees Calabar believers that need to take the Macedonian call and to also , be prepared for their end time destiny . Will you please pray and be faithful in your part of this mission trip to Calabar, Nigeria.  Noah and his board/team were praying and heard this.....

1st. We would be coming

2nd. That He God would surprise us

3rd. That we would be restored and renewed

4th. All the needs would be met

5th. That we would be taken to the next level... WOW     

Would you  prayerfully consider financially helping us to move into our destiny!!!

This is a huge undertaking for us as the cost of shots and visa's alone are $250. + the total cost of the trip is about $3,500.00. So if you have any ideas for us please forward them.

I am asking you to take us on as a early Christmas Giving Package. I was talking just last night to a old friend.   She started coming to the conference in the late 1990"s  (provided all the meat for the four days), who told me that her three children are all in the ministry.   For years at Christmas time and birthday's these children would give a goat, in their name, to some families in a third world country or provide schooling cost to be paid for, by them, as a gift. Let me ask you a question, what else do we need?  We are plenteous and really have need of nothing. But we do have a need to come into line with what the Lord requires of us. Our Father wants to see us move out in obedience to see the world come to the saving knowledge of Him.  Jesus said, "I wish that none would perish."

Greetings in the name of Jesus;

        I would like to introduce myself as a woman on a mission. With a call on my life to speak God’s word and the Word will change nations. At the beginning of July, Twila Bowman and I went to Stratford to an Advance Prophetic School with Isabel and Ivan Allmon. This was a life changing event and the Word came to me three times that I was going to travel again. I thought O YEAH in Canada!!! But just 13 days later I received a call from Bishop Effiong Noah Udoekanem from Nigeria asking if I would come over to his city for a Crusade, Nov 27-29, 2008. Bishop Noah had seen our web page and heard from the Lord that we have something that his churches and Bible School needed. The Lord further said that we have an impartation to lay hands on his students for a thrusting out into the Harvest fields. Jim and I prayed and received the OK from the Lord to go. Next thing was that Jim had no more vacation left, so I was to go, but with who? The next day I was talking to Evelyn Johnson and knew that she was supposed to go and I asked her!     Later Evelyn came back with her answer from the Lord that she could go.  Next, I knew God was on the move to have others go and so I was out at the beginning of August doing some errands and went into the Dairy Queen in Tillsonburg.  As I was talking to Marylu Verboom about half-way through the conversation I knew why I was there and I asked her to pray about going to Nigeria with us. I just knew that she was going but Marylu has just been married over a year now and I knew that Mike would have to hear from the Lord too. On the 10th of August Jim & I went to a bridal shower for Kevin & Rachel on the Sunday night. Low and behold there was Mike & Marylu and we talked and Mike was in agreement. Hallelujah!!!  We will be traveling to Lagos, Nigeria West Africa from the 22nd of Nov. till the 5th of Dec. 2008.

     We are requesting that you would faithfully pray for us as we prepare and put everything in order to leave, with much prayer support now and most important when we return as this is when we must press through and seal what has happened in Calabar.  

     We are going to need finances for our flights, extra flights to go to Bishop Noah’s city, south of Lagos about 2 ˝ hrs. We then have shots, visas, ground transportation, accommodations & our food to take care of. We would like to bless this city to come to their full potential and destiny that God has ordained for Nigeria. We would be so grateful to have you be a part of this mission to Calabar. We all know that we will glean much from our brothers and sisters there. Please be a part of this mission trip for the harvesting of souls.  We are thanking you in advance for your prayers and support as we prepare to go to Nigeria.  Thank you for your love and May God bless you for being a part of this outreach for the harvest. The need is great and we are expecting this to be a tour to seek and search for the hungry souls that will bring in the harvest in Nigeria. We are expecting to mentor those who will take this nation to the next level. Please be a part of this mission with your giving the cost is about $3,500. each. We would be grateful for any way you could help make this labour of love  lighter as we prepare to go. Thanks for your prayers and financial support and care for the harvest. What an opportunity!!!

Blessings & Love with our Prayers for you,

Pastor Gail Garrett - Evelyn Johnson - Marylu Verboom


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Jesus is the hope for every broken dream you have every had. Come and learn the truth that you can be set free. John 8:32

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