Fruits of Healings



From Dave W.

Twila Bowman, Loved by my Heavenly Father

 … I came because I was hungry for God. In the quietness of my heart I know the “Fruits of Healing” has given me the choices and the freedom to express myself. It has also built our marriage relationship on a more solid foundation my wife and I are trusting each more. Forgiveness is to forget and love more deeply. This also gave us more confidence because we read the Word of God our loud. This was a challenge sometimes, but with so much encouragement God always prevails.  Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus, I am free to love myself and love others. Life is but a training ground for helping others. If I had no trails or temptations I couldn’t understand others. It was through the “Fruits of Healing Ministry School” I really found out who I was in Christ. Loving myself was a real problem but thanks be to Jesus, a dear friend chose to hang in there with me till I got it. But I still had to choose the truth that God loved me no matter what. I cannot tell you how much I’ve grow spiritually in the past 6 years. That’s how long I’ve attended this ministries outreaches. Yes, I knew about God all my life, but now I know God enough to trust Him with all of my today's and tomorrows. Good or bad I choose to serve the Lord all of my life. When I spoke out that I loved myself many times, slept on it, then the next day as I was driving I felt a load that I had been carrying, had been lifted off and I felt lighter. Then the next day the same thing happened again. Wow!!! His love does not change and what He says He will do, He does, believe and receive His love. Today I love myself.

Twila Bowman, Loved by my Heavenly Father


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